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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Story - My Autobiography

I don't know whether I will able to see the new sun of the new year of 2011, times are running out of my hand just like sand. Just few grains left. Its very hard to write feelings in just words, but I am still trying my level best. Hope you will understand.


Sumita Biswas never try to hear my cry neither she (Sumita Biswas) never wanted to hear. So, I am crying out my story to the WORLD.
Everyday she (Sumita Biswas) used to cry for care, attention and love to me. So, I opened my heart for her. Gave her everything I can give her staying on the path of honesty. But, she (Sumita Biswas) broke it.
  • Is this the way she (Sumita Biswas) treats the person who used to stand with her whenever she (Sumita Biswas) was sad, alone, lonely, depressed, sleepless-nights ?
  • Is this the way she (Sumita Biswas) treats the person who cared her more than her own family, give more time than her own family ? Does her own family listen to her talks, thoughts, feelings everyday, whole night ?
  • I did just one mistake, just one small mistake. The mistake is that - I aksed her will she (Sumita Biswas) be my Life-Partner. For that I begged her (Sumita Biswas) thousands of times.
  • Is this the way she (Sumita Biswas) treats her BEST FRIEND ?

Have you ever cried before for someone or something for so much that there was Blood in your eyes ?
 I did.

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